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Teletainment - On-hold Marketing

Teletainment - an exclusive on-hold service that will truly impress your callers.

Making use of today's digital advances, Teletainment produces on-hold recordings with exceptional quality and cost-cutting efficiency never before possible.  We make it simple and affordable for your business to acquire a broadcast-quality on-hold message creatively crafted to capture the essence of your enterprise.

If you occasionally find it necessary to place customers on hold, make Teletainment part of your overall marketing strategy.  Teletainment keeps holding callers from hanging up, and will present a positive, professional image of your business.

With Teletainment you will hardly need to lift a finger! The words you want holding callers to hear are probably already published on your webpage or in your latest brochure. Teletainment just brings them to life in a different format. And through the latest digital advances, on-hold recordings can be produced faster, updated more efficiently, and sound better than ever before!

Here's why you should consider adding an on-hold message to your phone system

  • You may be losing customers right now! An average business places 70% of its callers on-hold, and studies show that holding callers remain on the line longer when listening to a message.

  • A professionally produced on-hold message says "We care about our customers". No one likes to put callers on hold, but when you must, why not make that hold time as pleasant and informative as possible?

  • An on-hold message system is a very efficient way to spend marketing dollars. Our monthly fee is comparable to a small newspaper ad that runs once and may or may not be seen by people who may or may not be interested in your product. Teletainment is playing a customized message 24/7 to folks who called because they're interested in what you have to offer. Don't leave them hanging in silence!

Thanks for your interest in Teletainment, the leading edge in on-hold messaging!

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